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So I thought I would put together a recs set of some great female-fronted punk and pop-punk bands. All of these are current or recent (within the last decade) and all are American. Just one Youtube video per band, so you get a taste of each.

Compton SF (San Francisco, California; 2005(?)-present)

These are a local (San Francisco) band I saw play a few months ago. They put on a great show! I love this video too -- the best kind of hand-made tour video, lots of good times and rocking out. These girls are basically everything I want in a great local band... I just wish they played more shows! If you're in the SF area and you get a chance, go see them live.

Compton SF on Myspace (EP for sale, $3), iTunes

The Soviettes (Minneapolis, Minnesota; 2001-present)

I thought the Soviettes were defunct (Wikipedia says they went on indefinite hiatus in 2006), but when I swung by their label webpage I saw that they're playing a show on August 31st at the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco. It's my last night in the country before international relocation and... fuck it, I think I might go. They're just that awesome.

The Soviettes on Wikipedia, Label website, iTunes

Tsunami Bomb (Petaluma, California; 1998-2005)

Tsunami Bomb are a four-piece (3 women, one guy on drums) out of Petaluma, CA. They broke up in 2005. I don't really know much else about them but I like their sound a lot! Someone recced them to me a while ago when I requested recs for this sort of music, and so now I pass this rec on to you.

Tsunami Bomb on Wikipedia, MySpace, iTunes.

The Butchies (Durham, North Carolina; 1998-2005)

Lesbian punk/queercore band fronted by Kaia Wilson, previously of Team Dresch. I love how epically lesbionic this video is!

The Butchies on Wikipedia, MySpace, iTunes.


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