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Name:Rec me music!
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:music recommendations
This is a community for music recs, and for requesting music recs.

Two forms of posts are welcome here:

Music rec posts

This is your opportunity to tell us all about the music you love, why you love it, and why you think we should listen to it.

You can post recs for an artist, a style of music, or any other themed rec set you like. For instance, some example rec sets might be:

* Why you should listen to Band X
* Intro to genre Y
* Awesome bands I heard at Festival Z this weekend
* My favourite songs about subject Q

Each recs post should contain at least 3 songs, which are available for people to listen to for free in some way. For instance, you can link to streaming versions on any service, embed Youtube videos, or provide download links for samples. (We understand that some music/video sites can have geographical limitations... just do your best here.) Please also provide links for where people can buy the music, if it is available for sale online -- whether from an artist's site, on iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Please tag your recs set as described below (tagging is open to everyone) and use a cut tag if your post is very log or includes a lot of embedded media, images, etc.

Requests for recs

Here's where you can ask people to rec you music. Just post with "Request: whatever" in the subject and tell us what you're looking for. For instance, you could tell us what you already like and ask for more along similar lines, or ask for people to give you suggestions for a genre of music that's new to you, or music on a certain theme. Anyone can then reply in comments with their recs or, if they are so inspired and have at least three songs, make a top-level recs post that fulfils your request.

When posting a request, please tag with "request" as well as with any other appropriate tags. See below for more information on tags.


We use hierarchical tags to help organise things. Please tag using the following system:

artist: whoever -- the musical artist, band, etc. Eg. "artist: anti-flag", "artist: john lennon"

genre: whatever -- the musical genre or style. Eg. "genre: trance". Feel free to use multiples if your post covers multiple genres or if the artists you're reccing fit into multiple genres, eg. "genre: punk, genre: rockabilly, genre: ska"

theme: whatever -- if you are posting a themed recs set, or requesting recs on a theme, use this style of tag. Eg. "theme: protest songs", "theme: percussion". We also have special sub-tags for time periods and geographic origins: "theme: period: 1960s", "theme: origin: japan".
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